Literature entries have been carried forward from the London 2020 exhibition.

It is hoped that these can be judged in late 2020 or early 2021 but depends on the Covid-19 situation, particularly when the jury is able to attend London.

  • Class 8 Philatelic Literature

An information form will need to be provided for each literature exhibit.
8A Printed Literature: philatelic handbooks, catalogues and periodicals.
8B Digital Literature: digital books, websites and software.

FrameNameCountryExhibit TitleView
08-0001Muharem GimjaniAlbaniaAlbanian StampNone
08-0002Casielles, Lencina & MiriArgentinaCatalogo Especializado De Perforados-Republica ArgentinaNone
08-0003José Luis Göttig & Guillermo JalilArgentinaCatalogo Especializado De Sellos E Historia PostaNone
08-0004Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Ed. Eric J FrazerAustraliaPhilately From AustraliaNone
08-0005Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Auth. Kevin J BurtAustraliaPost Office Registration Labels Of Australia And Its Territories, Icluding Papua New GuineaNone
08-0006Sean BurkeAustraliaThe Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle 2018 and 2019View
08-0007Robert M Gibbs, Arnold Brickman and Sean BurkeAustraliaPostmarks On The 1910-1913 Double Head Issue-Paradise RevisitedView
08-0008Gordon MonkAustraliaThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof CatalogueView
08-0009Werner SchindlerAustriaDie Österreichische Post In Der Levante. 200 Jahre Habsburgische Interessen Im Orient. (The Austrian Post Office In The Levant. 200 Years Of Habsburg Interest In The Orient)View
08-0010Verband Österreichischer PhilatelistenvereineAustriaDie BriefmarkeNone
08-0011Younis Al-KoohejiBahrainBahrain Through PostcardsNone
08-0012Sheikh Shafiqul IslamBangladeshProvisional Overprints Classification (Of Provisional Overprints During The Liberation War And After Independence 1971-1974)View
08-0013André BollenBelgiumLe Philatéliste BelgeNone
08-0014Paul WijnantsBelgiumBeyond The Sea. Maritime Mail Before 1878. Monaco 2019 Exhibition CatalogueNone
08-0015Luis Enrique Dorado VasquezBoliviaPostales De BoliviaNone
08-0016José Eduardo CimóBrazilFreemasonary In The World Of philatelyNone
08-0017Denis ForteBrazilSlanted Numerals 1844-1846
The Second Issue Of Brazilian Stamps
The Collector And The Search Of Printing Flaws
08-0018Peter Meyer & Marcello Prata MeyerBrazilCatálogo De Sellos Do Brasil 2019None
08-0019Fernando Silva Moreira dos SantosBrazilThe Search For The True Story Of The Not Issued Cottens EssayNone
08-0020Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazilBoletim Da Sociedade Philatelica Paulista (Bulletin of the Sociedade Philatelica Paulista (São Paulo Philatelic Society)None
08-0021Mario Xavier Jr.BrazilBasic Classification Of Brazilian Meter StampsNone
08-0022Boris KalinkovBulgariaThe Surgery Tools During The AgesView
08-0023Boris KalinkovBulgaria140 Years Bulgarian Red CrossView
08-0024British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS)CanadaBNA TopicsNone
08-0025British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS). Auth. David PierceyCanadaSteamship Mail In The Early Decimal Period Of Newfoundland 1865-1910None
08-0026British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS). Auth. Robert EliasCanadaCanadian Wilding And Associated High Value Definitives: Paper Texture, Printings, Periods Of Use.None
08-0027Cliff A Beattie, Andrew Chung & Robert D VogelCanadaThe National Christmas Seals of Canada, 1927-2018, Second EditionNone
08-0028Postal History Society Of Quebec. Eds. Cimon Morin, André Rondeau & Michael RixonCanadaPostal History And Marcophily Journal Of The Postal History Society of QuebecNone
08-0029Eastern Auctions Ltd. Auths. Gary J Lyon & Yohann TanguayCanadaThe Highlands Collection Of British North America, Part ThreeNone
08-0030Eastern Auctions Ltd. Auths. Gary J Lyon & Yohann TanguayCanadaThe Archives Of Patricia Airways And Exploration LimitedNone
08-0031James R Taylor & Hank SlabbinckCanadaMail from the French Shore of Newfoundland (Établissements Français en Terre Neuve). An illustrated, postal history of the French Treaty Shore of Newfoundland, 1737 to 1906.None
08-0032The Royal Philatelic Society of CanadaCanadaThe Canadian PhilatelistNone
08-0033Robert VogelCanadaThe Caneco Connection. A Study Of The First Day Covers Of The Canada Envelope CompanyNone
08-0034Danhua HuChinaTravelling Around The World With PhilatelyNone
08-0035Guorong HuChinaStamp Lustation: From Dugout Canoe To Aircraft CarrierNone
08-0036David LuChinaJournal Of China Philately, Vol. 6None
08-0037Huadong ZhangChinaThe Origin Of The Penny BlackNone
08-0038Yongkun ZhuChinaHistory Of Shanghai Philately Literature (1872-1949)None
08-0039Chinese Taipei Philatelic FederationChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 22View
08-0040Chinese Taipei Philatelic SocietyChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei Philatelic Magazine Vol. 95View
08-0041Huei-Ching HoChinese TaipeiSeminars And Activities Proceedings (2018) Vol. 27. China Stamp Society R.O.C. Chapter.None
08-0042Meng-Yang LeeChinese TaipeiInner Space: Exploring The Deep Blue Sea Ocean Through PhilatelyNone
08-0043Mao-Hsin LinChinese TaipeiPostal History Research Vol. 35None
08-0044Chang-Long LinChinese TaipeiNew Taipei City Philatelic Magazine (2018) Vol. 7None
08-0045Jason YuChinese TaipeiCollectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2018) Vol.30View
08-0046Croatian Philatelic Society ZadarCroatiaFilatelic Magazin Zadarski filatelistView
08-0047Hrvatski Savez FilatelistaCroatiaHrvatski FilatelistView
08-0048Berislav PervanCroatiaActa Philatelica Nova 2018View
08-0049Cyprus Philatelic SocietyCyprusCyprus Philately-Κυπριακος ΦιλοτελισμοςView
08-0050Zdeněk FilípekCzech RepublicMerkur RevueNone
08-0051Emanuel LukešCzech RepublicMaps And Columbus Related Philatelic Items Of His Four VoyagesView
08-0052Henrik MouritsenDenmarkDanish Postal History 1875-1907None
08-0053Amr El-EtrebyEgyptThe 1915 Provisional: A Centenary CelebrationNone
08-0054Sami FereigEgyptA Postal History Of Egypt Under The Muhammad Ali Dynasty-four-volume set, 2nd EditionNone
08-0055Mahmoud RamadanEgyptMohamed Aly Post (MAP) The True Origin Of The Egyptian Vice Royal PostNone
08-0056Richard Garcia MBE & Maurice Hadida FranceMorocco: The History Of The Local And Sherifien Posts 1891-1913None
08-0057Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem-The French postal in Holyland 1843-1948None
08-0058Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem-The French postal in Holyland 1843-1914None
08-0059Arbeitsgemeinschaft AM POST e.V. represented by Andreas WehnerGermanyEvent, Reminiscence , Memory, Special Cards, Letters And Pages Issued At The AM Post Era (19 March 1945-31 October 1946) In Occupied Zones Where AM Post Stamps Were ValidNone
08-0060Hysen DizdariGermanyGeorge Castriot Skanderbeg In The Albanian Stamps 1913-2017
08-0061Hysen DizdariGermanyArchaeology In The Albanian Stamps (1913-2018)
08-0062Hysen DizdariGermanyBirds in Albanian Stamp in Years 1913-2018None
08-0063Elmar DorrGermanyHistorical Wanderings Through The Postal History Of The Town Neustadt An Der HaardtNone
08-0064Ute & Elmar DorrGermanyThe Orient-Express 1883-1914None
08-0065Dietrich EcklebeGermanyBildung & Briefmarke: Thema MusikinstrumenteNone
08-0066Detlef EnkeGermanyOderlandbrief Wriezen / City Brief Bote ScgwedtNone
08-0067Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KGGermanyThe System of Terrors 1933-1945None
08-0068Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyFrankaturen 1852-1867 Thurn & Taxis (Postages 1852-1867 Thurn & Taxis)None
08-0069Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyDie Briefmarken Von Österreich & Lombardi-Venetien 1850-1867 (The stamps of Austria & Lombardy-Venetia 1850-1867)None
08-0070Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyThe Transformation Of The German Postal System Between The French Revolution (1792) And The Congress Of ViennaNone
08-0071Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. XLV: Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels-The Jonas Hällström CollectionNone
08-0072Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 50: Haiti-The "Liberty Head" Issues 1881 -1887-The Brian Moorhouse CollectionNone
08-0073Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 58: Private Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies Up To 1900-The Jan Berg CollectionNone
08-0074Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 59: South America-Maritime Postal History 1606-1886; The Everaldo Santos CollectionNone
08-0075Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: Cape Of Good Hope-The "Besançon" CollectionNone
08-0076Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: The 'Erivan' Collection-Postmasters' Provisionals: United States And Confederate StatesNone
08-0077Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: Tierra Del Fuego 1891 & Chaco War 1932-1935-The Brian Moorhouse CollectionsNone
08-0078R Hamilton-Bowen & Lee R Wolverton (Eds.)GermanyHibernian Handbook and Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland (2020)None
08-0079BSV Lage e.V.GermanyHistorsiche Postgebäude in LippeNone
08-0080Fritz HeimbüchlerGermanyBrasilien 1843-1870 Die Ochsen-Ziegen Und Katzenaugen Königliche Post Ab 1727 Vorphilatelie Ab 1798None
08-0081Harald KriegGermanyGerman Colonies And Post Offices Abroad-Catalogue Of The PostmarksNone
08-0082Michael LenkeGermanyDie Krakauer Ausgaben Der Polnischen Post Von 1919-100 Jahre Krakauer AusgabenNone
08-0083Phil*Creativ VerlagGermanyPhilatelistisches Wörterbuch In Sechs Sprachen (Philatelic dictionary in six languages)None
08-0084Wolfgang MaassenGermanyDr. Paul Singer & The History of Shanahan Auctions. Five Years To The Top of the World And A Deep FallNone
08-0085Jonas Hällström (Ed)GermanyStockholmia 2019. Exhibition CatalogueNone
08-0086Wolfgang MaassenGermanyStockholmia 2019. Library CatalogueNone
08-0087Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Philatelic Journalist (2018/2019)None
08-0088Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Origins Of Philatelic Literature In Germany and AustriaNone
08-0089Phil*Creativ VerlagGermanyDas Grosse Lexikon Der Ansichtskarten. Eine Enzyklopädie Der Philokartie (The Big Encyclopedia Of Postcards. An Encyclopedia Of Philocartism)None
08-0090Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Mysterious Philippe De Ferrari (Der Geheimnisvolle Philipp Von Ferrari)None
08-0091Wolfgang MaassenGermany100 Jahre Corinphila. Von Einer Briefmarkenhandlung Zu Einem Weltweit Bekannten Auktionshaus Der Philatelie (100 Years Of Corinphila. From A Stamp Shop To A World-Famous Philatelic Auction House)None
08-0092Wolfgang MaassenGermanyDer Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarkenversteigerer (1968–2018). Ein Weltweit Einmaliger Verband (The Federal Association Of German Stamp Auctioneers (1968-2018). A Worldwide Unique Association )None
08-0093Carla MichelGermanyThe Mysterious Octagon, Taxe Perçue-Postmarks of the People's Republic of ChinaNone
08-0094Juergen SaeftelGermanyTattersall-Lotterie-Abläufe*Lose*Ephemera-Eine Geschichte Über Abenteurer Und Losverkäufer (Tattersall`s Lottery-Procedures*Tickets*Ephemera-A tale of adventures and ticket sellers)None
08-0095Hans-Werner SalzmannGermanyGebührenverrechnung Auf FormularenNone
08-0096Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Britische Kolonien Und Gebiete (Band 1) (A-H)None
08-0097Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Britische Kolonien Und Gebiete (Band 2) (I-Z)None
08-0098Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Europäische Kolonien Und GebieteNone
08-0099Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Französische Kolonien Und GebieteNone
08-0100Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 Band 2.1None
08-0101Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 Band 2.2None
08-0102Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Handbuch Deutsches Reich ZusammendruckeNone
08-0103Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel UNO-SpezialNone
08-0104Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Dinosaurier Ganze WeltNone
08-0105Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel LeserbriefeNone
08-0106Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel-Deutschland Spezial 2019 Band 1 (1849 bis April 1945)None
08-0107Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel-Deutschland Spezial 2019 Band 2 (ab Mai 1945)None
08-0108Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel RaritätenNone
08-0109Norbert SehlerGermanyDie GanzsacheNone
08-0110Heinz WewerGermany"Departed Without Leaving An Address" Postal Documents On Persecution And Terror Under National SocialismNone
08-0111Heinz WewerGermanyPostal Documents On The German Occupation Regime In The Protectorate Of Bohemia And MoraviaNone
08-0112Heinz WewerGermanyTrail Of Terror. Postal Documents On The Sysem Of German Concentration CampsNone
08-0113Emmanouil DimitriadisGreeceHellas 2020None
08-0114Hellenic Philatelic SocietyGreecePhilotelia Vol. 96 (2019)None
08-0115Nikos KarniaoutakisGreeceLarge Hermes Heads Of Greece-Observations On Indentifying And Classifying The Easier To Follow ValuesView
08-0116Aristomenis Katsiolis & Athanasios VanikiodisGreeceGreek Cinderella Philately (1896-2018)None
08-0117C. Tarassouleas & Co.GreeceHermes 2019 Stamps Of Greece 1861-2018 And Postal HistoryNone
08-0118Hálfdan HelgasonIcelandĺslensk Alþjóða Svarmerki (Icelandic International Reply Coupons)None
08-0119Hálfdan HelgasonIcelandĺslenskur Heilpóstur (lcelandic Postal Stationery)None
08-0120Markand DaveIndiaThe Royal Philatelic Society London-Activities In IndiaNone
08-0121Markand DaveIndiaThe 1929 Air Mail Stamps Of IndiaNone
08-0122Madhukar DeogawankaIndiaIndian Stamp BookletsNone
08-0123K Chaitanya DevIndiaStamps Of French IndiaNone
08-0124Kapil GogriIndiaSouvenir & Catalogue-Inpex 2019None
08-0125Kiran NatarajanIndiaDropping Anchor On The Long Sea RouteNone
08-0126Gautam RohatgiIndiaIkanni Tales-A Study Of The One Anna Lithographed Label Of 1854-55None
08-0127Dinesh Chandra SharmaIndiaPhilately As A Teaching ToolNone
08-0128Rakesh WaliaIndiaStamp Collection For BeginnersNone
08-0129SOEHARDJO SOEBARDIIndonesia50 Inisiatif Pak Harto Di Atas Prangko (Soeharto’s 50 Initiatives For Indonesia & The World On Postage Stamps).View
08-0130Saif AmeelIraqMunicipalities Fees In IraqNone
08-0131Barry CousinsIrelandIrish Free State' Plates Controls And Overprint SettingsNone
08-0132Barry CousinsIrelandDefinitive Stamps Of Ireland 'Birds' 1997-2004None
08-0133Stephen FergusonIrelandThe Post Office In Ireland-An Illustrated HistoryNone
08-0134Luca LavagninoItalyCursoresNone
08-0135Claudio Enesto M. ManzatiItalyPost Horn-Magazine Of International Postal HistoryNone
08-0136Emilio MilisendaItalyUmberto Nobile E La Spedizione Polare Del Dirigible "Italia"-Storia, Posta, Documenti E Curiosità, II EdizioneNone
08-0137Franco RigoItalyVenice And The Levant-Bailo Palace In Constantinople-The Mail 14th-18th CenturyNone
08-0138Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyLo Colleziono "Verso Tokio 2020"None
08-0139Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyPhila-SportNone
08-0140Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyLo Colleziono "The Rugby World Cup"None
08-0141Vaccari SRLItalyVaccari Magazine 2018 (nos. 59 & 60)None
08-0142Vaccari SRLItalySome Hints Of Milanese History From The 14th To The 19th CenturyNone
08-0143Vaccari SRLItalyThe Postal Reform Of 1863 In The Kingdom Of ItalyNone
08-0144Japan Philatelic Society, FoundationJapanJapanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3None
08-0145Yukihiro ShodaJapanGems On PaperNone
08-0146Taro YamazakiJapanModernest StampNone
08-0147Chong Ho EunKorea, Rep. ofKorean Glossary Of Philatelic TermsNone
08-0148Korean Philatelic SocietyKorea, Rep. of130 Years Of Korean Postage StampsNone
08-0149Korean Postal Stationery SocietyKorea, Rep. ofPhilatelic Years 2018 (No. 12)None
08-0150Kun Hoo RheeKorea, Rep. ofThe Stories Of Nepal King's StampsView
08-0151Kuwait Philatelic Society KuwaitAl Posta MagazineNone
08-0152FSPL (Luxembourg Philatelic Federation)LuxembourgLe Moniteur Du Collectionneur (2017)None
08-0153FSPL (Luxembourg Philatelic Federation)LuxembourgLe Moniteur Du Collectionneur (2018)None
08-0154Philatelic Society MalaysiaMalaysiaThe Malaysian Philatelist (Volumes 1 & 2) 2018View
08-0155Alfred BonniciMaltaThe Malta Philatelic JournalNone
08-0156Binod ShresthaNepalA story Of Gautam Buddha- As Told Through Postage Stamps-Expanded Second EditionNone
08-0157Binod ShresthaNepalNepal Himalaya-The Roof Of The World On Postage StampsNone
08-0158Rene HillesumNetherlandsMonthly Filatelie, Volume 97, 2019None
08-0159Rene HillesumNetherlandsDeutsche Dienstpost Niederlande Handboek En Catalogus. Deutsche Dienstpost Niederlande Handbuch Und Katalog (Author: Axel Dorrenbach)View
08-0160JLCM & HHC TSchroots-BoerNetherlandsLuchtvaart En Luchtpost Encyclopedie, Deel 2None
08-0161Frits van BeekumNetherlandsVademecum Emissie 1864. (Vademecum 1864 Issue Of The Netherlands.)None
08-0162New Zealand Postcard Society Inc.New ZealandPostcard PillarView
08-0163John PastonNew ZealandThe GannetView
08-0164Mowbray CollectiblesNew ZealandKiwi Catalogue And Handbook Of New Zealand Revenue And Railway StampsView
08-0165The Royal Philatelic Society Of New Zealand Inc.New ZealandThe New Zealand Stamp CollectorView
08-0166Nigerian Postal Service & Tacoms International LtdNigeriaThe Compendium Of Nigeria Postage Stamps With The History Of Nigeria And Her StampsView
08-0167Hans Kristian AaboeNorwayNorwegian Stamp Revenue Paper 1657-1957View
08-0168Usman Ali IsaniPakistan"Pakistan" Overprints On Service Postcards Of British India With Forms Used By North Western RailwaysView
08-0169Mirosław MiętusPolandCorrespondence From Prussian Network Of Rain Gauges Located Presently In Poland. Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) 1919-1920None
08-0170Witold MikołajczykPolandGmina Bojanowo Traktem I Znakami Pocztowymi Opisana (Bojanowo Commune Described Through Ist Route And Postal)None
08-0171Leszek OśródkaPolandThe History Of Post In Łodz, 1824-1918. The Album Of Postal Stamps Used In Łodz Post Offices Until 1918None
08-0172Polish Philatelists UnionPolandFilatelista 2019None
08-0173Grzegorz ŚmiałkowskiPolandCatalogue Joint Issues Of Polish PostNone
08-0174Hans VogelsPolandThe Polish Post In The Free City Of Danzig 1920-1939.
Volume 4: Handstamps, Postal Forms And Postal Labels
08-0175Nicolae Gabriel-OctavianRomaniaMircea, The Voievode Of SalesNone
08-0176Calin MarinescuRomaniaThe Romanian Post Office Cancelling Devices, Postmarks, Markings And Seals 1852-2017None
08-0177JSC MARKARussiaMagazine “Philately” 2018-2019None
08-0178Yuri ObukhovRussiaLarge Catalog Of Zemstvo Posts In Russia. Perm Governorate. Part 1. Districts: Perm, Kungur, Osa, Okhansk, Cherdyn, Solikamsk. Moscow. 2017, 280 p., With Illustrations. Part 2. Districts: Verkhoturie, Ekaterinburg, Irbit, Krasnowfimsk, Kamushlov, Shadrinsk. Moscow. 2018, 275 p., With Illustrations.None
08-0179Igor PanfilovRussiaThe World Of Stamps Of The United NationsNone
08-0180Andrey StryginRussiaThe World Of Stamps & Coin-magazineNone
08-0181Andrey StryginRussiaThe Library Of The Rossica Philatelic Club (vol. 1-3)None
08-0182Onderj Foldes & Stanislav HavlicekSlovakiaMonograph On The Postal Stationery In Slovakia From 1939 To 1945None
08-0183Július MolnárSlovakiaFrance, A Country Of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, On Analog Postcards (Cartes Maximum-Cm)None
08-0184Brang GorseSloveniaChainbreakers-Stamps Of Slovenia 1919-1921 On The 100Th Anniversary Of The Issue Of The First Slovenian StampsNone
08-0185El Eco Filatélico (Grupo NEXO)SpainFilatelia Tradicional. Vol. 4 De “Estudios El Eco Filatélico”None
08-0186El Eco Filatélico (Grupo NEXO)SpainHistoria Postal. Vol. 1 De “Estudios El Eco Filatélico”None
08-0187Manuel Alvarez CasadoSpainLa Carta En El CaminoNone
08-0188Andres Galaron CalvoSpainWeelkly Philatelic Items In The Diario De Burgos 2018-2020None
08-0189Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Sverige 2019View
08-0190Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Norden 2020None
08-0191Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Special Classic 2020View
08-0192Richard SchaeferSwitzerlandThe First Federal Postage Stamps Of Switzerland Letter Mail 1.10.1850-30.9.1854None
08-0193Georges SchildSwitzerlandDie Internierung Von Militär-Und Zivilpersonen In Der Schweiz 1939-1946. Eine Geschichtlich-postalische StudieNone
08-0194Swiss Postal History Society (Schweizerische Vereinigung für Postgeschichte)SwitzerlandReturn To Sender-The Retour Labels Of SwitzerlandNone
08-0195Ukris UtensuteThailandKing Bhumibol Definitive issuesNone
08-0196Gökhun YilmazTurkeyOttoman Era Postcard Editors, 1895-1923, Anatolia, Thrace, IstanbulNone
08-0197Wendy BuckleUnited KingdomThemesceneNone
08-0198John DaviesUnited KingdomA Jubilee ReminiscenceNone
08-0199John DaviesUnited KingdomStamp Active Activity BooksNone
08-0200Alan DruceUnited KingdomPerkins Bacon Great Britain Line-Engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840-1846None
08-0201Dulshan EllawelaUnited KingdomEllawela's Ceylon/Sri Lanka Stamp CatalogueNone
08-0202William FeatherstoneUnited KingdomUpland Goose, Journal of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study GroupNone
08-0203Hugh FeldmanUnited KingdomUS Contract Mail Routes by Railroad (1832-1875)None
08-0204James Grimwood TaylorUnited KingdomInternational Postal Reforms 1550-1898None
08-0205Majed HalawiUnited KingdomEchoes of Empire: Sierra Leone Philatelic Legacy, 1786-1980None
08-0206Terry HarrisonUnited KingdomBritish West Indies Studies Circle BulletinNone
08-0207Antanas JankauskasUnited KingdomForgeries In Lithuanian PhilatelyNone
08-0208Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Switzerland Stamp CatalogueNone
08-0209Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Commonwealth & Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1970None
08-0210Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Stamps Of The World Simplified CatalogueNone
08-0211Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Catalogue Volume 3, Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal IssuesNone
08-0212Bryan JonesUnited KingdomFiji-The Postage Stamp Issues Of The King George VI PeriodNone
08-0213Kurt KimmelUnited KingdomCeylon-The Pence IssuesNone
08-0214“Jan” KosniowskiUnited KingdomPostal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper CatalogueNone
08-0215Seija LaaskoUnited KingdomThe London Philatelist, Volume 128 with supplementsNone
08-0216Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomFiji Postal History-Postage Meters Registration Labels And Machine CancellationsNone
08-0217Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomPacifica, Volume 57None
08-0218Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomThe Picture Postcards Of Fiji, 3rd EditionNone
08-0219Gerry PearceUnited KingdomOperation Tabarin And Its Postal HistoryNone
08-0220Francis PodgerUnited KingdomStraits Settlements Revenue Stamps 1867 To 1902-The Postal Museum De La Rue ArchiveNone
08-0221Dean ShepherdUnited KingdomGibbons Stamp MonthlyNone
08-0222Howard SummersUnited KingdomBibliography Of The Philately And Postal History Of The British IslesNone
08-0223Andy TaylorUnited KingdomAustria. The Journal Of The Austrian Philatelic SocietyNone
08-0224Kin Chi Danny WongUnited KingdomAsian PhilatelistNone
08-0225Lu ZhiweiUnited KingdomMacao Postage Stamp Catalogue [Special Edition]None
08-0226Akthem Al-ManaseerUnited States of AmericaGuide To The Postal Stationery Of IraqNone
08-0227Sasan BaharaeenUnited States of AmericaRevenue Stamps Of Iran, 3rd Edition: Volume 1, Qajar Issues; Volume 2, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic And Charity IssuesNone
08-0228Francis J CrownUnited States of AmericaThe 3c Nashville Provisional Adhesives A Study In Postal History ResearchNone
08-0229Bill DiPaoloUnited States of AmericaPuerto Rico During The Spanish-American WarNone
08-0230Joseph GeyfmanUnited States of AmericaSpecialized Catalog "Local Stamps" Russia, UkrView
08-0231James Peter GoughUnited States of AmericaThe Postal History Of The UPU: The Postal CardNone
08-0232Leonard HartmannUnited States of AmericaUnder Three Flags, The Postal History of the SpView
08-0233Fernando IglesiasUnited States of AmericaCuba Postal History GuideView
08-0234Mark MaestroneUnited States of AmericaJournal of Sports PhilatelyNone
08-0235David ReitsemaUnited States of AmericaEl QuetzalNone
08-0236Robert C SteinUnited States of AmericaBritish King George V Definitive Seahorse NauruView
08-0237Peter ThyUnited States of AmericaForerunners, Official Journal Of The Philatelic Society For Greater Southern AfricaView
08-0238Scott TrepelUnited States of AmericaUnited States Postal History: The William H Gross CollectionView
08-0239Panfilov et alRussiaPhilatelistic GeographyNone
08-0240Tkachenko et alRussiaPhilatelic LinguisticsNone
08-0241Tkachenko et alRussiaPhilatelistic DictionaryNone
08-0242James PodgerUnited KingdomCayman IsNone
08-0243Peter FordUnited KingdomTrindad and Tobago The Stamps and Postal StationeryNone
08-0244Terry HancoxUnited KingdomNew Zealand 1929 Health … PlatingNone
08-0245Andrew S PetrischevRussiaSpecialized Catalogue Postage Stamps of USSR 1976-1991None
08-02460United KingdomThe Hradcany a Technical History Parts 1 & 2None
08-02470United KingdomThe Dove Issue A handbook for collectors of Stamps and CoversNone
08-0248Nick MartinUnited KingdomBelgapost (2018)None
08-0249Macedonia Bureau of PhilatelyMacedoniaPostage Stamps 2018None
08-0250Popovski & GaberMacedoniaSkopje on Postal Services-History and MotivesNone
08-0251Klime PopovskiMacedoniaThe Philatelic LexiconNone
08-0252Branislav SvetozarevikjMacedoniaPostal History of the Territory of Republic Macedonia from 1843 to 2010 (postmarks)None
08-0253Deane BriggsUnited KingdomFlorida Postal History during the Civil WarNone
08-0254Karim RoderUnited States of AmericaConcise Catalog on United States Variable Denomination Stamps (1989-2018)None
08-0255David TrapnellUnited KingdomThe Postal Message Scheme of the French Red Cross in France & its African Colonies in World War 2None
08-0256Daryl KibbleAustraliaCaptain James Cook: Third Voyage 1776-1780 First Day and Event CoversNone
08-5001James GavinAustralia
08-5002Carlos Dalmiro Silva SoaresBrazilPortal Do Filatelista TemáticoNone
08-5003Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazilWebsite SPPNone
08-5004Leopold BeaudetCanadaBritish North America Philatelic Society WebsiteNone
08-5005Steven FriedenthalCanadaCzechoslovakia Machine Advertising Cancels: The First Republic PeriodNone
08-5006Chris HargreavesCanadaThe Canadian AerophilatelistView
08-5007Ralph TrimbleCanadare-entries.comNone
08-5008Chen YangChinaSmartphone Philatelic NetworkNone
08-5009The Philatelic Association Of Hubei ProvinceChinaHubei Philately NetworkNone
08-5010Henri AronisFranceEverything You Should Know About The Tooth!View
08-5011Rainer FuchsGermanyOverland Mail Baghdad-Haifa 1923-1948None
08-5012Michael KoganGermanyPaleophilatelie Web Site ( About Paleontology And Its Representation In PhilatelyView
08-5013Wolfgang MaassenGermanyPhila Historica (2013–2019)None
08-5014Jeevan JyotiIndiaRainbow Stamp NewsNone
08-5015Farzin Mossavar RahmaniIranIllustrated Postmarks Of Iran 1876 to 1925None
08-5016Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalywww.uicos.orgView
08-5017Takashi YoshidaJapanStampediaNone
08-5018Gerard van WelieNetherlandsA Postal History Of ZwolleView
08-5019Mirosław MietusPolandInternetowe Koła Filatelistów PZF (i-KF)
Internet Philatelist Club Of The Polish Philatelists Union-Website
08-5020Mário PaivaPortugalBlog O FilatelistaNone
08-5021JSC MARKARussiaJSC "Marka" WebsiteNone
08-5022Nadya LobodinaRussiaHorses On Stamps (Web Site) Free Online Catalog Of Postage Stamps And Other Philatelic Materials On The Topic "Horses"None
08-5023Andrew PetrischevRussiaSpecialized Catalogue Postage Stamps Of USSR 1976-1991None
08-5024Stephen AllenUnited KingdomWebsite Of The Polar Postal History Society Of Great BritainNone
08-5025Geoff ChildsUnited KingdomGB Cover Collector ( Image Reference Website For GB Illustrated Special Event Covers, Special Event Postmarks And SlogansView
08-5026John DaviesUnited KingdomStamp Active Network WebsiteNone
08-5027Stephen JarvisUnited KingdomThe Royal Philatelic Society London WebsiteNone
08-5028Farzin Mossavar RahmaniUnited KingdomIllustrated Postmarks Of Iran 1876 To 1925None
08-5029Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited Kingdom
08-5030Ian Pinwill & Paul RamsayUnited KingdomThe Post Office Telegraph Stamps Of Great BritainNone
08-5031James WigmoreUnited KingdomCyprus Study Circle-Memory StickNone
08-5032Victor MantaUnited States of AmericaRomania As Seen Through Its StampsNone
08-5033Niall MurphyUnited States of AmericaThe International Moldovan Philatelic SocietyNone
08-5034Niall MurphyUnited States of AmericaNewsletters of Int'l Moldovan Philatelic SocietyNone
08-5035Ivo SpanjersbergUnited States of AmericaOfficial Website Of The Korea Stamp SocietyNone
08-5036JSC MARKARussiaCatalogue "Postage Stamps Of The Russian Empire 1857-1919, RSFSR 1918-1923, USSR 1923-1960"None
08-5037Maurice BuxtonUnited KingdomGBPS WebsiteView