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AwardStatusFrameScoreMedalNameCountryExhibit Title
Grand Prix NationalWinner02-089097LGHoward HughesUnited KingdomThe Maltese Cross
Grand Prix NationalCandidate03-077297LGSimon Beresford-WylieUnited KingdomGreat Britain: Development and Usage of the World’s First Postage Stamps (1840-1841)
Grand Prix NationalCandidate03-093197LGRobert GallandUnited KingdomThe First Low Value Surface Printed postage Stamps of Great Britain
Grand Prix InternationalWinner02-046697LGVittorio MoraniItalyTuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges
Grand Prix InternationalCandidate03-066497LGJan-Olof LjunghSwedenThe first stamps of the German Empire the Eagle Shield stamps and the 10 and 30 Groschen stamps 1872-1875
Grand Prix InternationalCandidate03-072097LGLuís & Eduardo BarreirosPortugalPortugese India - The "Native Issues" 1871-1885
Grand Prix InternationalCandidate03-081197LGJoseph HackmeyUnited KingdomThe Triangulars Of The Cape of Good Hope
World Stamp ChampionshipsWinner01-0177n/aCoPJames Peter GoughUnited States of AmericaUPU and its Impact on Global Postal Services
World Stamp ChampionshipsCandidate01-0089n/aCoPRichard MalmgrenUnited States of AmericaHawaii Foreign Mail
World Stamp ChampionshipsCandidate01-0185n/aCoPKeith KlugmanUnited States of AmericaVictorian Natal 1857-1899
Best in Class - Postal HistoryWinner02-046697LGVittorio MoraniItalyTuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges
Best in Class - TraditionalWinner03-013897LGJoseph HackmeyUnited KingdomThe half lengths of Victoria
Best in Class - Postal StationeryWinner06-018796LGBehruz Nassre-EsfahaniUnited States of AmericaPersia, Qajar Postal Stationery 1876-1925
Best in Class - RevenueWinner05-011697LGMichael MahlerUnited States of AmericaU.S. Civil War Fiscal History Panorama
Best in Class - AerophilatelyWinner04-009195LGBjorn A. SchoyenNorwayFirst United Kingdom aerial post 1911 - The first Sustained Air Mail Service in the world
Best in Class - ThematicWinner07-019496LGDavid GriffithsUnited KingdomHere be Dragons
Best in Class - YouthWinner13-010690GDinda Alisha RahimaIndonesiaThe Feather Friends
Best in Class - Literature PrintedWinner08-023197LGJames Peter GoughUnited States of AmericaThe Postal History Of The UPU: The Postal Card
Best in Class - Literature DigitalWinner08-503795LGMaurice BuxtonUnited KingdomGBPS Website
Best in Class - PostcardsWinner12-005995LGJennifer LongNew ZealandA study of New Zealand Picture Postcards
Best in Class - OpenWinner09-003096LGIva MouritsenDenmarkA Royal Ménage À Trois And Its Historical Consequences
Best in Class - ModernWinner11-000188LVGuy HeyblomBelgiumSTUDY Belgium's Royal Portrait King Baudouin, Type "VELGHE"