Programme of Events at London 2022

ExhibitionOpening CeremonySat19 Feb11:00-11:30TBC
Society MeetingBurma(M)PSCSat19 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingBritish West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)Sat19 Feb14:00-18:00TBC
Society MeetingExhibitions Study Group Sat19 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
TBC - ProvisionalSun20 Feb16:00-18:00TBC
ExhibitionVolunteers ReceptionSun20 Feb18:00-19:00TBC
Society MeetingNepal & Tibet Philatelic society Sun20 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
FEPA MeetingFEPA Best Practice in Youth Philately Seminar. To be held by John Davies FRPSLSun20 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingPostal Stationery SocietySun20 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
Society MeetingIrish Philatelic CircleSun20 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
ExhibitionLondon 2022 Volunteer's receptionSun20 Feb18:00-19:00TBC
Society MeetingPostal History Society Mon21 Feb10:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingBangladesh Philatelic FederationMon21 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
FIP MeetingFIP Astrophilately Commission Mon21 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
Society MeetingGeorge VI Collectors Society Mon21 Feb14:00-18:00TBC
ExhibitionJury feedback to ExhibitorsTues22 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingRhodesian Study Circle Tues22 Feb10:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingForces PHSTues22 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingChina Philatelic Society of LondonTues22 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingCeylon SCTues22 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
Society MeetingPerfin SocTues22 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
ExhibitionFrame ChangeoverTues22 Feb14:00-22:00
Society MeetingIndia Study Circle Tues22 Feb16:00-18:00TBC
Society MeetingIran Philatelic Study Circle Tues22 Feb16:00-18:00TBC
ExhibitionExhibit HandbackWed23 FebTBCTBC
TableAssociation of British Philatelic SocietiesWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableBritish West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)Wed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableCzechoslovak PS of GBWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableForces PHSWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableHungarian PS GBWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TablePolar PHS of GBWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableCAPEX 22 Wed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableWest Africa Study CircleWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableGBPSWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableBurma(Myanmar) Philatelic Study CircleWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TablePostal Stationery SocietyWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableBromley & Beckenham PSWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableSouth African Collectors' Society Wed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableBritish Society of Australian Philately (BSAP) Wed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
TableEgypt Study CircleWed23 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
FIP MeetingFIP Traditional CommissionWed23 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingGreat Britain Philatelic SocietyWed23 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingHungarian PS GBWed23 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
FIP MeetingFIP Revenue Commission Wed23 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
DinnerMonte Carlo Dinner Wed23 FebTBCTBC
Society MeetingSociety of Postal Historians (SPH)Thur24 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
FIP MeetingFIP Literature CommissionThur24 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingCyprus Study CircleThur24 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingFalkland Islands SCThur24 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingSarawakThur24 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingNew Zealand Society of Great BritainThur24 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
Society MeetingPakistan SCThur24 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
DinnerSociety of Postal Historians (SPH)Thur24 FebTBCTBCView
FIP MeetingFIP Postal History Commission Thur24 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
EAP MeetingEuropean Academy of PhilatelyFri25 Feb10:00-18:00 (all day)TBC
FEPA MeetingFEPA Digitalisation and Social Media in Philately SeminarFri25 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingPacific Islands SCFri25 Feb12:00-16:00TBC
Society MeetingGB Overprints Society Fri25 Feb14:00-18:00TBC
FIP MeetingFIP Postal Stationery Seminar Fri25 Feb14:00-16:00TBC
ExhibitionAwards CeremonyFri25 FebTBCTBC
ExhibitionJury feedback to ExhibitorsSat26 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingConcord Study CircleSat26 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingCzechoslovak PS of GBSat26 Feb10:00-12:00TBC
Society MeetingA&SAG and IOSC jointSat26 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingEgypt Study CircleSat26 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingSouthern African Study CirclesSat26 Feb12:00-14:00TBC
Society MeetingThe Wreck and Crash Mail SocietySat26 Feb14:00-18:00TBC
ExhibitionExhibit TakedownSat26 Feb14:00-18:00TBC
ExhibitionExhibit HandbackSun27 FebTBCTBC