Literature entries have been carried forward from the London 2020 exhibition.

All of the entries for the London 2020 literature class had arrived in London, and we had hoped to carry on with that class during 2020. But, as perhaps you will understand, it was just not possible to bring international jurors to London to carry out the judging last year. It has now been decided that the literature will fall back into the rest of the exhibition in February 2022. The Reading Room will be part of the exhibition hall, and I’m delighted to report that our friends in the AIJP have agreed to support us again as they had originally planned to do in May 2020.

All literature will be judged as initially entered, but there will be some special changes. If an entry was for a dated publication such as a journal or an annual catalogue, then the exhibitor can substitute a newer edition if they wish. There will be no additional fee for making this change. Unfortunately we will not be able to return the older copies. It has also been decided that we will accept further applications in the Literature Class only. The fee is only £25, and only one copy of paper entries is needed. All new applications must be sent to your National Commissioner, who must submit them to the Commissioner General by 31 May 2021

  • Class 8 Philatelic Literature

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8A Printed Literature: philatelic handbooks, catalogues and periodicals.
8B Digital Literature: digital books, websites and software.

FrameNameCountryExhibit TitleView
08-0001Muharem GimjaniAlbaniaAlbanian StampNone
08-0002Casielles, Lencina & MiriArgentinaCatalogo Especializado De Perforados-Republica ArgentinaNone
08-0003José Luis Göttig & Guillermo JalilArgentinaCatalogo Especializado De Sellos E Historia PostaNone
08-0004Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Ed. Eric J FrazerAustraliaPhilately From AustraliaNone
08-0005Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Auth. Kevin J BurtAustraliaPost Office Registration Labels Of Australia And Its Territories, Icluding Papua New GuineaNone
08-0006Sean BurkeAustraliaThe Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle 2018 and 2019View
08-0007Robert M Gibbs, Arnold Brickman and Sean BurkeAustraliaPostmarks On The 1910-1913 Double Head Issue-Paradise RevisitedView
08-0008Gordon MonkAustraliaThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof CatalogueView
08-0009Werner SchindlerAustriaDie Österreichische Post In Der Levante. 200 Jahre Habsburgische Interessen Im Orient. (The Austrian Post Office In The Levant. 200 Years Of Habsburg Interest In The Orient)View
08-0010Verband Österreichischer PhilatelistenvereineAustriaDie BriefmarkeNone
08-0011Younis Al-KoohejiBahrainBahrain Through PostcardsNone
08-0012Sheikh Shafiqul IslamBangladeshProvisional Overprints Classification (Of Provisional Overprints During The Liberation War And After Independence 1971-1974)View
08-0013André BollenBelgiumLe Philatéliste BelgeNone
08-0014Paul WijnantsBelgiumBeyond The Sea. Maritime Mail Before 1878. Monaco 2019 Exhibition CatalogueNone
08-0015Luis Enrique Dorado VasquezBoliviaPostales De BoliviaNone
08-0016José Eduardo CimóBrazilFreemasonary In The World Of philatelyNone
08-0017Denis ForteBrazilSlanted Numerals 1844-1846
The Second Issue Of Brazilian Stamps
The Collector And The Search Of Printing Flaws
08-0018Peter Meyer & Marcello Prata MeyerBrazilCatálogo De Sellos Do Brasil 2019None
08-0019Fernando Silva Moreira dos SantosBrazilThe Search For The True Story Of The Not Issued Cottens EssayNone
08-0020Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazilBoletim Da Sociedade Philatelica Paulista (Bulletin of the Sociedade Philatelica Paulista (São Paulo Philatelic Society)None
08-0021Mario Xavier Jr.BrazilBasic Classification Of Brazilian Meter StampsNone
08-0022Boris KalinkovBulgariaThe Surgery Tools During The AgesView
08-0023Boris KalinkovBulgaria140 Years Bulgarian Red CrossView
08-0024British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS)CanadaBNA TopicsNone
08-0025British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS). Auth. David PierceyCanadaSteamship Mail In The Early Decimal Period Of Newfoundland 1865-1910None
08-0026British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS). Auth. Robert EliasCanadaCanadian Wilding And Associated High Value Definitives: Paper Texture, Printings, Periods Of Use.None
08-0027Cliff A Beattie, Andrew Chung & Robert D VogelCanadaThe National Christmas Seals of Canada, 1927-2018, Second EditionNone
08-0028Postal History Society Of Quebec. Eds. Cimon Morin, André Rondeau & Michael RixonCanadaPostal History And Marcophily Journal Of The Postal History Society of QuebecNone
08-0029Eastern Auctions Ltd. Auths. Gary J Lyon & Yohann TanguayCanadaThe Highlands Collection Of British North America, Part ThreeNone
08-0030Eastern Auctions Ltd. Auths. Gary J Lyon & Yohann TanguayCanadaThe Archives Of Patricia Airways And Exploration LimitedNone
08-0031James R Taylor & Hank SlabbinckCanadaMail from the French Shore of Newfoundland (Établissements Français en Terre Neuve). An illustrated, postal history of the French Treaty Shore of Newfoundland, 1737 to 1906.None
08-0032The Royal Philatelic Society of CanadaCanadaThe Canadian PhilatelistNone
08-0033Robert VogelCanadaThe Caneco Connection. A Study Of The First Day Covers Of The Canada Envelope CompanyNone
08-0034Danhua HuChinaTravelling Around The World With PhilatelyNone
08-0035Guorong HuChinaStamp Lustation: From Dugout Canoe To Aircraft CarrierNone
08-0036David LuChinaJournal Of China Philately, Vol. 6None
08-0037Huadong ZhangChinaThe Origin Of The Penny BlackNone
08-0038Yongkun ZhuChinaHistory Of Shanghai Philately Literature (1872-1949)None
08-0039Chinese Taipei Philatelic FederationChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 22View
08-0040Chinese Taipei Philatelic SocietyChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei Philatelic Magazine Vol. 95View
08-0041Huei-Ching HoChinese TaipeiSeminars And Activities Proceedings (2018) Vol. 27. China Stamp Society R.O.C. Chapter.None
08-0042Meng-Yang LeeChinese TaipeiInner Space: Exploring The Deep Blue Sea Ocean Through PhilatelyNone
08-0043Mao-Hsin LinChinese TaipeiPostal History Research Vol. 35None
08-0044Chang-Long LinChinese TaipeiNew Taipei City Philatelic Magazine (2018) Vol. 7None
08-0045Jason YuChinese TaipeiCollectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2018) Vol.30View
08-0046Croatian Philatelic Society ZadarCroatiaFilatelic Magazin Zadarski filatelistView
08-0047Hrvatski Savez FilatelistaCroatiaHrvatski FilatelistView
08-0048Berislav PervanCroatiaActa Philatelica Nova 2018View
08-0049Cyprus Philatelic SocietyCyprusCyprus Philately-Κυπριακος ΦιλοτελισμοςView
08-0050Zdeněk FilípekCzech RepublicMerkur RevueNone
08-0051Emanuel LukešCzech RepublicMaps And Columbus Related Philatelic Items Of His Four VoyagesView
08-0052Henrik MouritsenDenmarkDanish Postal History 1875-1907None
08-0053Amr El-EtrebyEgyptThe 1915 Provisional: A Centenary CelebrationNone
08-0054Sami FereigEgyptA Postal History Of Egypt Under The Muhammad Ali Dynasty-four-volume set, 2nd EditionNone
08-0055Mahmoud RamadanEgyptMohamed Aly Post (MAP) The True Origin Of The Egyptian Vice Royal PostNone
08-0056Richard Garcia MBE & Maurice Hadida FranceMorocco: The History Of The Local And Sherifien Posts 1891-1913None
08-0057Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem-The French postal in Holyland 1843-1948None
08-0058Raphaël LivnatFranceJerusalem-The French postal in Holyland 1843-1914None
08-0059Arbeitsgemeinschaft AM POST e.V. represented by Andreas WehnerGermanyEvent, Reminiscence , Memory, Special Cards, Letters And Pages Issued At The AM Post Era (19 March 1945-31 October 1946) In Occupied Zones Where AM Post Stamps Were ValidNone
08-0060Hysen DizdariGermanyGeorge Castriot Skanderbeg In The Albanian Stamps 1913-2017
08-0061Hysen DizdariGermanyArchaeology In The Albanian Stamps (1913-2018)
08-0062Hysen DizdariGermanyBirds in Albanian Stamp in Years 1913-2018None
08-0063Elmar DorrGermanyHistorical Wanderings Through The Postal History Of The Town Neustadt An Der HaardtNone
08-0064Ute & Elmar DorrGermanyThe Orient-Express 1883-1914None
08-0065Dietrich EcklebeGermanyBildung & Briefmarke: Thema MusikinstrumenteNone
08-0066Detlef EnkeGermanyOderlandbrief Wriezen / City Brief Bote ScgwedtNone
08-0067Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KGGermanyThe System of Terrors 1933-1945None
08-0068Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyFrankaturen 1852-1867 Thurn & Taxis (Postages 1852-1867 Thurn & Taxis)None
08-0069Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyDie Briefmarken Von Österreich & Lombardi-Venetien 1850-1867 (The stamps of Austria & Lombardy-Venetia 1850-1867)None
08-0070Auktionhaus Christoph GärtnerGermanyThe Transformation Of The German Postal System Between The French Revolution (1792) And The Congress Of ViennaNone
08-0071Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. XLV: Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels-The Jonas Hällström CollectionNone
08-0072Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 50: Haiti-The "Liberty Head" Issues 1881 -1887-The Brian Moorhouse CollectionNone
08-0073Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 58: Private Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies Up To 1900-The Jan Berg CollectionNone
08-0074Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition D`Or Vol. 59: South America-Maritime Postal History 1606-1886; The Everaldo Santos CollectionNone
08-0075Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: Cape Of Good Hope-The "Besançon" CollectionNone
08-0076Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: The 'Erivan' Collection-Postmasters' Provisionals: United States And Confederate StatesNone
08-0077Global Philatelic NetworkGermanyEdition Spéciale: Tierra Del Fuego 1891 & Chaco War 1932-1935-The Brian Moorhouse CollectionsNone
08-0078R Hamilton-Bowen & Lee R Wolverton (Eds.)GermanyHibernian Handbook and Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland (2020)None
08-0079BSV Lage e.V.GermanyHistorsiche Postgebäude in LippeNone
08-0080Fritz HeimbüchlerGermanyBrasilien 1843-1870 Die Ochsen-Ziegen Und Katzenaugen Königliche Post Ab 1727 Vorphilatelie Ab 1798None
08-0081Harald KriegGermanyGerman Colonies And Post Offices Abroad-Catalogue Of The PostmarksNone
08-0082Michael LenkeGermanyDie Krakauer Ausgaben Der Polnischen Post Von 1919-100 Jahre Krakauer AusgabenNone
08-0083Phil*Creativ VerlagGermanyPhilatelistisches Wörterbuch In Sechs Sprachen (Philatelic dictionary in six languages)None
08-0084Wolfgang MaassenGermanyDr. Paul Singer & The History of Shanahan Auctions. Five Years To The Top of the World And A Deep FallNone
08-0085Jonas Hällström (Ed)GermanyStockholmia 2019. Exhibition CatalogueNone
08-0086Wolfgang MaassenGermanyStockholmia 2019. Library CatalogueNone
08-0087Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Philatelic Journalist (2018/2019)None
08-0088Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Origins Of Philatelic Literature In Germany and AustriaNone
08-0089Phil*Creativ VerlagGermanyDas Grosse Lexikon Der Ansichtskarten. Eine Enzyklopädie Der Philokartie (The Big Encyclopedia Of Postcards. An Encyclopedia Of Philocartism)None
08-0090Wolfgang MaassenGermanyThe Mysterious Philippe De Ferrari (Der Geheimnisvolle Philipp Von Ferrari)None
08-0091Wolfgang MaassenGermany100 Jahre Corinphila. Von Einer Briefmarkenhandlung Zu Einem Weltweit Bekannten Auktionshaus Der Philatelie (100 Years Of Corinphila. From A Stamp Shop To A World-Famous Philatelic Auction House)None
08-0092Wolfgang MaassenGermanyDer Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarkenversteigerer (1968–2018). Ein Weltweit Einmaliger Verband (The Federal Association Of German Stamp Auctioneers (1968-2018). A Worldwide Unique Association )None
08-0093Carla MichelGermanyThe Mysterious Octagon, Taxe Perçue-Postmarks of the People's Republic of ChinaNone
08-0094Juergen SaeftelGermanyTattersall-Lotterie-Abläufe*Lose*Ephemera-Eine Geschichte Über Abenteurer Und Losverkäufer (Tattersall`s Lottery-Procedures*Tickets*Ephemera-A tale of adventures and ticket sellers)None
08-0095Hans-Werner SalzmannGermanyGebührenverrechnung Auf FormularenNone
08-0096Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Britische Kolonien Und Gebiete (Band 1) (A-H)None
08-0097Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Britische Kolonien Und Gebiete (Band 2) (I-Z)None
08-0098Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Europäische Kolonien Und GebieteNone
08-0099Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Französische Kolonien Und GebieteNone
08-0100Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 Band 2.1None
08-0101Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Karibische Inseln 2019/2020 Band 2.2None
08-0102Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Handbuch Deutsches Reich ZusammendruckeNone
08-0103Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel UNO-SpezialNone
08-0104Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel Dinosaurier Ganze WeltNone
08-0105Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel LeserbriefeNone
08-0106Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel-Deutschland Spezial 2019 Band 1 (1849 bis April 1945)None
08-0107Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel-Deutschland Spezial 2019 Band 2 (ab Mai 1945)None
08-0108Schwaneberger Verlag GmbhGermanyMichel RaritätenNone
08-0109Norbert SehlerGermanyDie GanzsacheNone
08-0110Heinz WewerGermany"Departed Without Leaving An Address" Postal Documents On Persecution And Terror Under National SocialismNone
08-0111Heinz WewerGermanyPostal Documents On The German Occupation Regime In The Protectorate Of Bohemia And MoraviaNone
08-0112Heinz WewerGermanyTrail Of Terror. Postal Documents On The Sysem Of German Concentration CampsNone
08-0113Emmanouil DimitriadisGreeceHellas 2020None
08-0114Hellenic Philatelic SocietyGreecePhilotelia Vol. 96 (2019)None
08-0115Nikos KarniaoutakisGreeceLarge Hermes Heads Of Greece-Observations On Indentifying And Classifying The Easier To Follow ValuesView
08-0116Aristomenis Katsiolis & Athanasios VanikiodisGreeceGreek Cinderella Philately (1896-2018)None
08-0117C. Tarassouleas & Co.GreeceHermes 2019 Stamps Of Greece 1861-2018 And Postal HistoryNone
08-0118Hálfdan HelgasonIcelandĺslensk Alþjóða Svarmerki (Icelandic International Reply Coupons)None
08-0119Hálfdan HelgasonIcelandĺslenskur Heilpóstur (lcelandic Postal Stationery)None
08-0120Markand DaveIndiaThe Royal Philatelic Society London-Activities In IndiaNone
08-0121Markand DaveIndiaThe 1929 Air Mail Stamps Of IndiaNone
08-0122Madhukar DeogawankaIndiaIndian Stamp BookletsNone
08-0123K Chaitanya DevIndiaStamps Of French IndiaNone
08-0124Kapil GogriIndiaSouvenir & Catalogue-Inpex 2019None
08-0125Kiran NatarajanIndiaDropping Anchor On The Long Sea RouteNone
08-0126Gautam RohatgiIndiaIkanni Tales-A Study Of The One Anna Lithographed Label Of 1854-55None
08-0127Dinesh Chandra SharmaIndiaPhilately As A Teaching ToolNone
08-0128Rakesh WaliaIndiaStamp Collection For BeginnersNone
08-0129SOEHARDJO SOEBARDIIndonesia50 Inisiatif Pak Harto Di Atas Prangko (Soeharto’s 50 Initiatives For Indonesia & The World On Postage Stamps).View
08-0130Saif AmeelIraqMunicipalities Fees In IraqNone
08-0131Barry CousinsIrelandIrish Free State' Plates Controls And Overprint SettingsNone
08-0132Barry CousinsIrelandDefinitive Stamps Of Ireland 'Birds' 1997-2004None
08-0133Stephen FergusonIrelandThe Post Office In Ireland-An Illustrated HistoryNone
08-0134Luca LavagninoItalyCursoresNone
08-0135Claudio Enesto M. ManzatiItalyPost Horn-Magazine Of International Postal HistoryNone
08-0136Emilio MilisendaItalyUmberto Nobile E La Spedizione Polare Del Dirigible "Italia"-Storia, Posta, Documenti E Curiosità, II EdizioneNone
08-0137Franco RigoItalyVenice And The Levant-Bailo Palace In Constantinople-The Mail 14th-18th CenturyNone
08-0138Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyLo Colleziono "Verso Tokio 2020"None
08-0139Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyPhila-SportNone
08-0140Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalyLo Colleziono "The Rugby World Cup"None
08-0141Vaccari SRLItalyVaccari Magazine 2018 (nos. 59 & 60)None
08-0142Vaccari SRLItalySome Hints Of Milanese History From The 14th To The 19th CenturyNone
08-0143Vaccari SRLItalyThe Postal Reform Of 1863 In The Kingdom Of ItalyNone
08-0144Japan Philatelic Society, FoundationJapanJapanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3None
08-0145Yukihiro ShodaJapanGems On PaperNone
08-0146Taro YamazakiJapanModernest StampNone
08-0147Chong Ho EunKorea, Rep. ofKorean Glossary Of Philatelic TermsNone
08-0148Korean Philatelic SocietyKorea, Rep. of130 Years Of Korean Postage StampsNone
08-0149Korean Postal Stationery SocietyKorea, Rep. ofPhilatelic Years 2018 (No. 12)None
08-0150Kun Hoo RheeKorea, Rep. ofThe Stories Of Nepal King's StampsView
08-0151Kuwait Philatelic Society KuwaitAl Posta MagazineNone
08-0152FSPL (Luxembourg Philatelic Federation)LuxembourgLe Moniteur Du Collectionneur (2017)None
08-0153FSPL (Luxembourg Philatelic Federation)LuxembourgLe Moniteur Du Collectionneur (2018)None
08-0154Philatelic Society MalaysiaMalaysiaThe Malaysian Philatelist (Volumes 1 & 2) 2018View
08-0155Alfred BonniciMaltaThe Malta Philatelic JournalNone
08-0156Binod ShresthaNepalA story Of Gautam Buddha- As Told Through Postage Stamps-Expanded Second EditionNone
08-0157Binod ShresthaNepalNepal Himalaya-The Roof Of The World On Postage StampsNone
08-0158Rene HillesumNetherlandsMonthly Filatelie, Volume 97, 2019None
08-0159Rene HillesumNetherlandsDeutsche Dienstpost Niederlande Handboek En Catalogus. Deutsche Dienstpost Niederlande Handbuch Und Katalog (Author: Axel Dorrenbach)View
08-0160JLCM & HHC TSchroots-BoerNetherlandsLuchtvaart En Luchtpost Encyclopedie, Deel 2None
08-0161Frits van BeekumNetherlandsVademecum Emissie 1864. (Vademecum 1864 Issue Of The Netherlands.)None
08-0162New Zealand Postcard Society Inc.New ZealandPostcard PillarView
08-0163John PastonNew ZealandThe GannetView
08-0164Mowbray CollectiblesNew ZealandKiwi Catalogue And Handbook Of New Zealand Revenue And Railway StampsView
08-0165The Royal Philatelic Society Of New Zealand Inc.New ZealandThe New Zealand Stamp CollectorView
08-0166Nigerian Postal Service & Tacoms International LtdNigeriaThe Compendium Of Nigeria Postage Stamps With The History Of Nigeria And Her StampsView
08-0167Hans Kristian AaboeNorwayNorwegian Stamp Revenue Paper 1657-1957View
08-0168Usman Ali IsaniPakistan"Pakistan" Overprints On Service Postcards Of British India With Forms Used By North Western RailwaysView
08-0169Mirosław MiętusPolandCorrespondence From Prussian Network Of Rain Gauges Located Presently In Poland. Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) 1919-1920None
08-0170Witold MikołajczykPolandGmina Bojanowo Traktem I Znakami Pocztowymi Opisana (Bojanowo Commune Described Through Ist Route And Postal)None
08-0171Leszek OśródkaPolandThe History Of Post In Łodz, 1824-1918. The Album Of Postal Stamps Used In Łodz Post Offices Until 1918None
08-0172Polish Philatelists UnionPolandFilatelista 2019None
08-0173Grzegorz ŚmiałkowskiPolandCatalogue Joint Issues Of Polish PostNone
08-0174Hans VogelsPolandThe Polish Post In The Free City Of Danzig 1920-1939.
Volume 4: Handstamps, Postal Forms And Postal Labels
08-0175Nicolae Gabriel-OctavianRomaniaMircea, The Voievode Of SalesNone
08-0176Calin MarinescuRomaniaThe Romanian Post Office Cancelling Devices, Postmarks, Markings And Seals 1852-2017None
08-0177JSC MARKARussiaMagazine “Philately” 2018-2019None
08-0178Yuri ObukhovRussiaLarge Catalog Of Zemstvo Posts In Russia. Perm Governorate. Part 1. Districts: Perm, Kungur, Osa, Okhansk, Cherdyn, Solikamsk. Moscow. 2017, 280 p., With Illustrations. Part 2. Districts: Verkhoturie, Ekaterinburg, Irbit, Krasnowfimsk, Kamushlov, Shadrinsk. Moscow. 2018, 275 p., With Illustrations.None
08-0179Igor PanfilovRussiaThe World Of Stamps Of The United NationsNone
08-0180Andrey StryginRussiaThe World Of Stamps & Coin-magazineNone
08-0181Andrey StryginRussiaThe Library Of The Rossica Philatelic Club (vol. 1-3)None
08-0182Onderj Foldes & Stanislav HavlicekSlovakiaMonograph On The Postal Stationery In Slovakia From 1939 To 1945None
08-0183Július MolnárSlovakiaFrance, A Country Of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, On Analog Postcards (Cartes Maximum-Cm)None
08-0184Brang GorseSloveniaChainbreakers-Stamps Of Slovenia 1919-1921 On The 100Th Anniversary Of The Issue Of The First Slovenian StampsNone
08-0185El Eco Filatélico (Grupo NEXO)SpainFilatelia Tradicional. Vol. 4 De “Estudios El Eco Filatélico”None
08-0186El Eco Filatélico (Grupo NEXO)SpainHistoria Postal. Vol. 1 De “Estudios El Eco Filatélico”None
08-0187Manuel Alvarez CasadoSpainLa Carta En El CaminoNone
08-0188Andres Galaron CalvoSpainWeelkly Philatelic Items In The Diario De Burgos 2018-2020None
08-0189Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Sverige 2019View
08-0190Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Norden 2020None
08-0191Gunnar LithénSwedenFACIT Special Classic 2020View
08-0192Richard SchaeferSwitzerlandThe First Federal Postage Stamps Of Switzerland Letter Mail 1.10.1850-30.9.1854None
08-0193Georges SchildSwitzerlandDie Internierung Von Militär-Und Zivilpersonen In Der Schweiz 1939-1946. Eine Geschichtlich-postalische StudieNone
08-0194Swiss Postal History Society (Schweizerische Vereinigung für Postgeschichte)SwitzerlandReturn To Sender-The Retour Labels Of SwitzerlandNone
08-0195Ukris UtensuteThailandKing Bhumibol Definitive issuesNone
08-0196Gökhun YilmazTurkeyOttoman Era Postcard Editors, 1895-1923, Anatolia, Thrace, IstanbulNone
08-0197Wendy BuckleUnited KingdomThemesceneNone
08-0198John DaviesUnited KingdomA Jubilee ReminiscenceNone
08-0199John DaviesUnited KingdomStamp Active Activity BooksNone
08-0200Alan DruceUnited KingdomPerkins Bacon Great Britain Line-Engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840-1846None
08-0201Dulshan EllawelaUnited KingdomEllawela's Ceylon/Sri Lanka Stamp CatalogueNone
08-0202William FeatherstoneUnited KingdomUpland Goose, Journal of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study GroupNone
08-0203Hugh FeldmanUnited KingdomUS Contract Mail Routes by Railroad (1832-1875)None
08-0204James Grimwood TaylorUnited KingdomInternational Postal Reforms 1550-1898None
08-0205Majed HalawiUnited KingdomEchoes of Empire: Sierra Leone Philatelic Legacy, 1786-1980None
08-0206Terry HarrisonUnited KingdomBritish West Indies Studies Circle BulletinNone
08-0207Antanas JankauskasUnited KingdomForgeries In Lithuanian PhilatelyNone
08-0208Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Switzerland Stamp CatalogueNone
08-0209Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Commonwealth & Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1970None
08-0210Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Stamps Of The World Simplified CatalogueNone
08-0211Hugh JefferiesUnited KingdomStanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Catalogue Volume 3, Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal IssuesNone
08-0212Bryan JonesUnited KingdomFiji-The Postage Stamp Issues Of The King George VI PeriodNone
08-0213Kurt KimmelUnited KingdomCeylon-The Pence IssuesNone
08-0214“Jan” KosniowskiUnited KingdomPostal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper CatalogueNone
08-0215Seija-Riitta LaaksoUnited KingdomThe London Philatelist, Volume 128 with supplementsNone
08-0216Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomFiji Postal History-Postage Meters Registration Labels And Machine CancellationsNone
08-0217Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomPacifica, Volume 57None
08-0218Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited KingdomThe Picture Postcards Of Fiji, 3rd EditionNone
08-0219Gerry PearceUnited KingdomOperation Tabarin And Its Postal HistoryNone
08-0220Francis PodgerUnited KingdomStraits Settlements Revenue Stamps 1867 To 1902-The Postal Museum De La Rue ArchiveNone
08-0221Dean ShepherdUnited KingdomGibbons Stamp MonthlyNone
08-0222Howard SummersUnited KingdomBibliography Of The Philately And Postal History Of The British IslesNone
08-0223Andy TaylorUnited KingdomAustria. The Journal Of The Austrian Philatelic SocietyNone
08-0224Kin Chi Danny WongUnited KingdomAsian PhilatelistNone
08-0225Lu ZhiweiUnited KingdomMacao Postage Stamp Catalogue [Special Edition]None
08-0226Akthem Al-ManaseerUnited States of AmericaGuide To The Postal Stationery Of IraqNone
08-0227Sasan BaharaeenUnited States of AmericaRevenue Stamps Of Iran, 3rd Edition: Volume 1, Qajar Issues; Volume 2, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic And Charity IssuesNone
08-0228Francis J CrownUnited States of AmericaThe 3c Nashville Provisional Adhesives A Study In Postal History ResearchNone
08-0229Bill DiPaoloUnited States of AmericaPuerto Rico During The Spanish-American WarNone
08-0230Joseph GeyfmanUnited States of AmericaSpecialized Catalog "Local Stamps" Russia, UkrView
08-0231James Peter GoughUnited States of AmericaThe Postal History Of The UPU: The Postal CardNone
08-0232Leonard HartmannUnited States of AmericaUnder Three Flags, The Postal History of the SpView
08-0233Fernando IglesiasUnited States of AmericaCuba Postal History GuideView
08-0234Mark MaestroneUnited States of AmericaJournal of Sports PhilatelyNone
08-0235David ReitsemaUnited States of AmericaEl QuetzalNone
08-0236Robert C SteinUnited States of AmericaBritish King George V Definitive Seahorse NauruView
08-0237Peter ThyUnited States of AmericaForerunners, Official Journal Of The Philatelic Society For Greater Southern AfricaView
08-0238Scott TrepelUnited States of AmericaUnited States Postal History: The William H Gross CollectionView
08-0239Panfilov et alRussiaPhilatelistic GeographyNone
08-0240Tkachenko et alRussiaPhilatelic LinguisticsNone
08-0241Tkachenko et alRussiaPhilatelistic DictionaryNone
08-0242James PodgerUnited KingdomCayman IsNone
08-0243Peter FordUnited KingdomTrindad and Tobago The Stamps and Postal StationeryNone
08-0244Terry HancoxUnited KingdomNew Zealand 1929 Health … PlatingNone
08-0245Andrew S PetrischevRussiaSpecialized Catalogue Postage Stamps of USSR 1976-1991None
08-02460United KingdomThe Hradcany a Technical History Parts 1 & 2None
08-02470United KingdomThe Dove Issue A handbook for collectors of Stamps and CoversNone
08-0248Nick MartinUnited KingdomBelgapost (2018)None
08-0249Macedonia Bureau of PhilatelyMacedoniaPostage Stamps 2018None
08-0250Popovski & GaberMacedoniaSkopje on Postal Services-History and MotivesNone
08-0251Klime PopovskiMacedoniaThe Philatelic LexiconNone
08-0252Branislav SvetozarevikjMacedoniaPostal History of the Territory of Republic Macedonia from 1843 to 2010 (postmarks)None
08-0253Deane BriggsUnited KingdomFlorida Postal History during the Civil WarNone
08-0254Karim RoderUnited States of AmericaConcise Catalog on United States Variable Denomination Stamps (1989-2018)None
08-0255David TrapnellUnited KingdomThe Postal Message Scheme of the French Red Cross in France & its African Colonies in World War 2None
08-0256Daryl KibbleAustraliaCaptain James Cook: Third Voyage 1776-1780 First Day and Event CoversNone
08-5001James GavinAustralia
08-5002Carlos Dalmiro Silva SoaresBrazilPortal Do Filatelista TemáticoNone
08-5003Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazilWebsite SPPNone
08-5004Leopold BeaudetCanadaBritish North America Philatelic Society WebsiteNone
08-5005Steven FriedenthalCanadaCzechoslovakia Machine Advertising Cancels: The First Republic PeriodNone
08-5006Chris HargreavesCanadaThe Canadian AerophilatelistView
08-5007Ralph TrimbleCanadare-entries.comNone
08-5008Chen YangChinaSmartphone Philatelic NetworkNone
08-5009The Philatelic Association Of Hubei ProvinceChinaHubei Philately NetworkNone
08-5010Henri AronisFranceEverything You Should Know About The Tooth!View
08-5011Rainer FuchsGermanyOverland Mail Baghdad-Haifa 1923-1948None
08-5012Michael KoganGermanyPaleophilatelie Web Site ( About Paleontology And Its Representation In PhilatelyView
08-5013Wolfgang MaassenGermanyPhila Historica (2013–2019)None
08-5014Jeevan JyotiIndiaRainbow Stamp NewsNone
08-5015Farzin Mossavar RahmaniIranIllustrated Postmarks Of Iran 1876 to 1925None
08-5016Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici SportiviItalywww.uicos.orgView
08-5017Takashi YoshidaJapanStampediaNone
08-5018Gerard van WelieNetherlandsA Postal History Of ZwolleView
08-5019Mirosław MietusPolandInternetowe Koła Filatelistów PZF (i-KF)
Internet Philatelist Club Of The Polish Philatelists Union-Website
08-5020Mário PaivaPortugalBlog O FilatelistaNone
08-5021JSC MARKARussiaJSC "Marka" WebsiteNone
08-5022Nadya LobodinaRussiaHorses On Stamps (Web Site) Free Online Catalog Of Postage Stamps And Other Philatelic Materials On The Topic "Horses"None
08-5023Andrew PetrischevRussiaSpecialized Catalogue Postage Stamps Of USSR 1976-1991None
08-5024Stephen AllenUnited KingdomWebsite Of The Polar Postal History Society Of Great BritainNone
08-5025Geoff ChildsUnited KingdomGB Cover Collector ( Image Reference Website For GB Illustrated Special Event Covers, Special Event Postmarks And SlogansView
08-5026John DaviesUnited KingdomStamp Active Network WebsiteNone
08-5027Stephen JarvisUnited KingdomThe Royal Philatelic Society London WebsiteNone
08-5028Farzin Mossavar RahmaniUnited KingdomIllustrated Postmarks Of Iran 1876 To 1925None
08-5029Pacific Islands Study CircleUnited Kingdom
08-5030Ian Pinwill & Paul RamsayUnited KingdomThe Post Office Telegraph Stamps Of Great BritainNone
08-5031James WigmoreUnited KingdomCyprus Study Circle-Memory StickNone
08-5032Victor MantaUnited States of AmericaRomania As Seen Through Its StampsNone
08-5033Niall MurphyUnited States of AmericaThe International Moldovan Philatelic SocietyNone
08-5034Niall MurphyUnited States of AmericaNewsletters of Int'l Moldovan Philatelic SocietyNone
08-5035Ivo SpanjersbergUnited States of AmericaOfficial Website Of The Korea Stamp SocietyNone
08-5036JSC MARKARussiaCatalogue "Postage Stamps Of The Russian Empire 1857-1919, RSFSR 1918-1923, USSR 1923-1960"None
08-5037Maurice BuxtonUnited KingdomGBPS WebsiteView