LONDON 2022 – Meeting Rooms, Tables and Sponsorship for Philatelic Societies

Meeting Rooms:   There are two sizes of meeting rooms which are available for hire by philatelic societies during the London 2022 Exhibition and Fair held between Saturday 19th February 2022 and Saturday 26th February 2022 inclusive. The smaller room can hold about 30 people and the larger room can hold about 60 people. The period of hire is 1 hour 50 minutes commencing 10:00am, 12:00 noon, 2:00pm and 4:00pm respectively. Societies wishing to hire two consecutive times slots will get 3 hours 50 minutes.  The cost will be £100 per time slot for the small room and £150 per time slot for the larger room, all amounts including VAT.  Frames for exhibiting will be provided in each room.

Society Tables:  On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, a large meeting room off the gallery level at the Business Design Centre will be provided with standard 6ft tables for philatelic societies to hire for the day. Note that tables cannot be provided on the Gallery as in 2015, because the space is needed for exhibition frames.  The cost will be £25 per table for the full day including VAT.

There will also the opportunity for societies to place society flyers, leaflets and free literature etc on the “registration desk” on the gallery level (by one of the entrance ways to the galleried exhibition hall).  There will be no charge for this use and the space available will be on a first come first served basis.

Frame Sponsorship:  Philatelic Societies and individuals are encouraged to support London 2022 by sponsoring the main exhibition frames at £10 per frame including VAT. The sponsoring Society’s or individual’s name will appear on the frames sponsored.  It will be possible to sponsor frames holding a specific type of material, if this is mentioned at the time of initiating your sponsorship.  However please remember that the material in the frames will be changed halfway through the exhibition.  What material is exhibited in which half will be decided in 2021, when knowledge of the individual exhibition entries is complete.

Prize Sponsorship:  Many prizes are required for the overall winners of all the different exhibition classes and the winners of special prizes in some categories.  Philatelic societies and individuals are invited either to sponsor complete prizes or to provide a contribution towards a prize.  All contributions will be most welcome.  Please tell us if you wish to sponsor a specific prize.

Method of Booking or Sponsoring:  In the first instance please contact Philip Longbottom outlining what you want to book or sponsor.  In the case of room bookings please give a second choice of time slot as well as your preferred slot.  He will then come back to you with further details, methods of payment etc.  He can be contacted by email:-